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Remembering George W. Perry

Bill Baab


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The amazing story of George Washington Perry’s world record bass catch on June 2, 1932 has been well documented in books, magazines and newspapers. But who was he? That’s no longer a mystery, thanks to interviews with dozens of people, all eager to share their memories in this fascinating story of the rest of his 42 years of life and times after the catch. He became the only angler to twice win the Field & Stream magazine Big Fish Contest, became a master mechanic who could fix anything, and later took over as manager of the Brunswick, Georgia Air Park where his generosity made it possible for many Brunswick teenagers to learn to fly.

Readers will learn of his quirky personality, as well as nicknames he bestowed on family members and friends. You will chuckle over anecdotes shared by those who knew him best, read about his being sued in federal court by the FBI and other agencies, and read testimonials written after his tragic death in a plane crash near Birmingham, Alabama, on Jan. 23, 1974.


The former outdoor editor of The Augusta Chronicle (1964-2000), Bill Baab has written for numerous magazines including Bassmaster. He is considered the world's authority on George Perry and his world record bass, and this book represents over 25 years of research.


"I have just started to read some of the selections. I cannot begin to tell you how much I am enjoying them. You have beautifully awarded Perry with the honor that he deserves. He is a true legend in the sport."

-- Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue

Baab has solved almost all the mysteries of the 22 pound 4 ounce fish…God Bless Baab for keeping Perry's memory alive and getting this marvelous story correct for future generations."

-- Keith Elliott, Editor, Classic Angling Magazine (March/April 2010)

"Baab deftly weaves the tapestry of Perry's legendary catch and career as a mechanic and pilot with tales from the record holder's family, friends and colleagues...If not for Baab's extensive research on the subject, Remembering George W. Perry may have been one big fish story that 'got away.'...Perry's family dined for two days on the record catch, and Baab makes sure the rest of us have a place at the table."

-- Stan Byrdy, Columbia County Magazine

"A grade of A-plus...I now feel as if I know the legendary angler for the first time and appreciate his other talents, including his flying and repairing or building motors."

-- Charles Salter, Outdoor Writer emeritus, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Bill Baab...has placed the man and his fabulous fish in historical context...Carefully researched, well written, and nicely illustrated, this is the definitive work on a famed record fish and the man who caught it. No one know more about the subject than Baab, and it's gratifying to see his life's work take printed form."

-- Jim Casada, authot of Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, in the Spartanburg Herald-Tribune

"A must-have for those who want the definitive story on the world's biggest largemouth bass and the man who caught it."

-- Tommy Braswell, The Charleston Post & Courier

"I had the pleasure of reviewing this book in my column...and thought it was great...[It is] particularly fascinating to us collectors because of the detailed discussion of the Creek Chub Bait Company and its varying claims over which lure - and which color - caught this famous fish."

Robbie Pavey, Outdoor Writer, The Augusta Chronicle

"A well deserved and long awaited tribute.  Mr. Perry has long been maligned by some of the bass pros and other oldtimers in the tournament business.  He followed the rules of the day and caught a fish that deserves to be recognized...a job well done!"

-- Clyde Drury, Author and Noted Bass Fishing History Authority

"Looks and feels so appropriate to the catch that has stood the test of time....the life of George Perry was much more than a fish story. I keep opening up the book to check on accounts, including the presence of a photo of the record fish that for so long everyone said did not exist....[it is] a truly stirring account."

-- George Kramer, Bass Fishing With George Kramer

The unofficial historian of the catch [Baab] has spent his life chasing fish in Perry's home state and became an avid fan of the catch...The book encapsulates all of Baab's many years of building the legend of the world-record largemouth....Baab details this catch and many other near misses in his book."

-- Frank Sargeant, The Tampa Tribune

"A book that covers Perry from the days when he was a youngster living near McRae to the days he moved to Brunswick and established himself as a pilot and instructor...[it] includes stories written by people who described their memories of Perry...This legendary fisherman has a grave marker, but the engraving does not mention the famous record, only his love of flying. And yet, a big fish is the reason that George Perry is remembered beyond the grave."

-- Wayne Ford, Athens Banner-Herald

"Baab has given substance to the line in the record book and form to the myth surrounding Perry and his catch. This is the This is the first real insight the bass fishing public has gotten into the life of the man who made history with a single cast and who lived a full and rewarding life that had very little to do with his angling accomplishment. Bill gives us a look at the man who was passionate about his family, his friends and flying. He shows us the George Perry remembered for always having a smile on his face and a prank at the ready, quick with a joke or a good-natured nickname and generous to a fault."

-- Ken Duke, Bassmaster Magazine

"The timing for the release of…“Remembering George W. Perry” couldn’t have come at a better time with the recent attention to the IGFA world record tying catch of a largemouth bass by Japan’s Manabu Kurita….the book is a human interest perspective devoted to the multi-talented Perry and the record fish he caught 77 years ago…[and] summarizes Baab's many years of researching the legend of that world-record largemouth. Meticulously researched the book is well written…[and] includes a generous variety of anecdotes and historical photos throughout."

-- Pete Johnson, Florida Sport Fishing


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Remembering George W. Perry
November 2009, Paperback
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