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The Rodmaking Writings of Lew Stoner

Lew Stoner


4.5" x 6.875" * Limited to 125 numbered hardcover copies * 178 Total Pages * B&W Illustrations * Edited and with an Introduction by Dr. Todd E.A. Larson


This is Volume III of the letters and writings of Lew Stoner. It contains all the known published (and some unpublished) writings on the art of rodmaking and on fishing rods by the legendary Lew Stoner, the founder of the Winston Rod Company. In this book, the reader will have the entirety of Stoner's rodmaking writings from The Wise Fisherman's Encyclopedia, a standard work that inspired many to make rods, as well as other published writings of his from a variety of resources. Combined with the first two volumes in this set it gives a very nuanced portrait of this rodmaking legend.

In addition, this work contains the full text and images of a number of works about Stoner and Winston published in a variety of outlets, including the outstanding interview with him by Ted Trueblood entitled "He Makes the Hottest Rods" and which ran in True Magazine. All in all, the historical perspective these writings give help us to understand the complexity of Lew Stoner's fascinating personality.

Included also is perhaps the most detailed biography of Lew Stoner yet put in print, by Dr. Todd E.A. Larson. It includes details on his earliest rodmaking ventures, as well as his external business pursuits that led him to invent useful items for the U.S. Government in World War II as well as commercial products after the war.

Volume I provided insights into how Stoner ran his business; specifically in relation to customer service, communicating complex ideas clearly and concisely in writing, and how to work with dealers as well as customers while upholding the reputation and integrity of the Winston Rod Company. Volume II witnessed a small businessman addressing the effects of technological change on his business. Together these three volumes address basic issues confronting virtually every company, then and now.

Edited, annotated, and with an introduction by Dr. Todd E.A. Larson, this book includes as an appendix with eight articles about Stoner and Winston published during his lifetime.


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The Rodmaking Writings of Lew Stoner
November 2015, Hardcover, Limited Edition
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