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The Penn Reel Collector's Companion and Price Guide, 1932-1957

Michael Cacioppo


8.5" x 11" Softcover • 222 Total Pages • 100s of Black & White Images


A companion volume to Mike Cacioppo’s The Chronological History of Penn Reels, 1932-1957 — considered by many to be “The Blue Book” for Penn reel collectors — this book brings together a veritable treasure of Penn reel information that did not fit the parameters of the first book. In addition, The Collector’s Companion includes a detailed Price Guide to all Penn reels sold by the firm in the first 25 years of its existence.

The essays include detailed information on the Penn Prototype Models F and K, the earliest days of Penn reels, the Penn Sea Hawk, the Sea Ford, the Bay Side, the Long Beach, Quick Take-Apart Penns, the indomitable Squidder, the legendary Senators, Penn trade reels, left-handed Penns, color variations of Penn reels, South African exports, light tackle Penn casting reels in the pre-war era, Penn Anniversary reels, the Penn formula, and hot rod Penns of alantani.com.

The Price Guide includes individual listing of every model Penn offered year-by-year from 1932 through 1957, with prices included for every known reel. Based on the author’s experience with buying and selling thousands of Penn reels, as well as closely following the Penn reel market for over a decade, the prices will help collectors and resellers alike better ascertain the value of their vintage Penn reel.

Designed as a companion to The Chronological History, the Companion is a superb volume that gives the Penn collector more of what they love!


When you put together a book — especially one that seeks to be definitive — it is always difficult deciding what goes in and what gets left out of a book. This is the case with The Chronological History of Penn Reels, 1932-1957 by Michael Cacioppo. The book, which came in at nearly 300 pages, had by necessity to leave out details about a lot of the most important Penn fishing reels.

The problem is that the material that was left out is important and worth preserving. This is where the Penn Reel Collector’s Companion and Price Guide, 1932-1957 comes in. It collects eighteen essays that more fully explore areas of Penn reels that, due to space limitations, could not be published in The Chronological History. From left-handed reels to colored Penn plates, to the intricate details of Penn’s competition in the early days to Penn trade reels, to in-depth analysis of reels like the Senators, Sea Ford, Long Beach, and many, many others.

This book contains a Price Guide to Penn Reels sold between 1932 and 1957. It is based on thousands of Penn reels bought and sold by the author, as well as tens of thousands of on-line auction and in person Penn reel sales. The data is invaluable; once the proper age of a Penn reel is determined, the reader can simply look up the proper model in the table and discover the current value range for the reel.

This will be an invaluable tool for collectors, dealers, resellers, and anyone interested in early Penn reels. Combined with The Chronological History, it gives a definitive look at the first 25 years of Penn reel history!

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The Penn Reel Collector's Companion and Price Guide, 1932-1957
March 2015, Softcover
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