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The Wise Rod Maker: Louis B. Feierabend on Making Bamboo Rods

Louis B. Feierabend


4.5" x 6.875" Softcover 166 Total Pages * 35 B&W Illustrations * Edited and with an Introduction by Jeffrey L. Hatton * Foreword by Ronald J. Barch * Preface by Jeffrey D. Wagner


In 1951, A.J. McClane -- the noted editor of Field & Stream -- contracted with a major publishing house to produce the massive The Wise Fisherman's Encyclopedia. McClane contracted dozens of fishing experts to write entries on everything from bass fishing to fish hooks, experts who were a who's who of the day.

When it came to the section on Rod Making, the man entrusted to produce this seminal piece was a self-taught engineer and former rodmaker in the shop of Nat Uslan named Louis B. Feierabend. Feierabend was an expert rod maker, but more than this, he was an engineer and teacher who understood how to explain complicated things in easily understood language.

What Feierabend turned in was a 25,000 word treatise that remains to this day one of the most lucid explanations on how to build a bamboo fly rod put in print during its day. We are proud to announce that The Whitefish Press has contracted with Viking Penguin, the current copyright holders, to produce a special Limited Edition of this work that includes all of the original illustrations.

In addition, this work is edited and has a valuable introduction by noted rodmaker Jeffrey L. Hatton, who knew Feierabend and was gifted Lou's original drawings for the Super Z ferrule, along with its proper specs (reproduced in this book). We are also honored to have The Planing Form editor and acclaimed rodmaker Ron Barch pen a Preface, and esteemed rodmaker Jeffrey D. Wagner contribute an interview he did with Feierabend that fleshes out his biographical data. We also include in an appendix an interview with Feierabend in 1948 on the merits of the five sided rod.

Lou Feierabend was an unsung hero of the rodmaking world; we are truly honored to offer his own book as our 2013 Rodmaker's Holiday Gift Book.


The Fly Angler's Desktop Library is a return to the Golden Age of Books, when bigger was not necessarily better. It was a time when publishers like Borzoi Books lovingly crafted beautiful, compact volumes. Now, we can recapture the classic look and feel of these wonderful books in a new series dedicated to bringing out long forgotten treatises as well as new, original works on the art and beauty of fly angling. At a compact 4.5" x 6.875" size, these books are designed to be proudly displayed on the desktop, just like in the olden days. With learned and interesting introductions and appendices of additional materials, you won't want to miss any of these little gems. Color coded hardcovers by subject. Red for fly rods and rod making, fly tying and fly tackle history; Blue for general fly angling; Green for history and biography.


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The Wise Rod Maker: Louis B. Feierabend on Making Bamboo Rods
December 2013, Softcover
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